Online Collaborative Tools That Can Help in Group Assignments

Group Assignments

These days working in the remote environment have become the common working place. At this time, it is more important than ever for students and organisations. For working in the remote environment, they need online collaboration tools that will help in group assignment. Now there are numerous online collaboration tools available. These can come in handy during the group assignments for sure. In this article we will look at some online collaboration tools that can help in group assignments. These online collaboration tools help the groups in completing their assignment remotely.

Online Collaborative Tools

Productivity of the group is critical when it comes to the group assignment. It cannot be achieved without synchronisation among team members. This online collaborative tool aids the groups to stay in sync.’s work operating system presents all the works of a group at a single platform. Every member of the group can get access to the assignment through this. You can also customise as per the needs of your groups. This is because it provides automate data entry, repetitive tasks, and work flows. It will help the groups to focus on more meaningful tasks of the assignment. It helps members of the teams to check their progress for group assignment as well. You can check your assignments in the calendar mode so that you don’t miss any deadline. It aids in integrating all your apps at a single platform too.


Nectar is a great online collaboration tool that helps with group assignments. Through this tool, you can force great works anywhere, and any time through an interactive recognition feed. It helps in keeping the group morale high. This online collaborative tool also promotes the core works of group assignments through the online working aspect. It connects you with other tools like Slack. It possesses a robust reward engine. Further, it provides a free tier with paid plans. But on the free tier, only limited features are available for use. These options become more limited outside Australia, US, and UK.


Bonusly provides an easy to use interface. It enhances the visibility of works too. It is an efficient online collaboration tool that can help with group assignments when it comes to visibility. This tool provides great opportunity to the group members for ensuring great work through easy user interface. It aids in creating a recognition based culture. Every member of the group can get recognition and appraisal through this tool. This online collaborative tool integrates into your other online communication tools as well. You can use it without feeling tired because its use does not require any extra effort.

360-degree assignment recognition of the group makes group work visible to ever member. This helps in building a stronger relationship through the sharing of appraisals. It helps in highlighting the strength of group members as well. This tool does not provide any free usage, but it does provide a free trial.

Hub Staff

Remote groups have to face challenges related to communication. These remote groups have to face more difficulties than the groups working in face to face mode. Hub staff is a great collaboration tool that can help in group assignment. This online collaborative tool has teams that can track time as well. It helps you see real-time updates from your mobile device, desktop, or web browser. Through this tool, you can look at a virtual dashboard. This lets you see the activity scores as well. It also enables you to manage work through optional screenshotting. It sets productive, as well as unproductive apps and websites for each member of your group.


Teamwork was introduced to help with the management of work for all members of the group. You can run it from any place at any time to enhance your decision-making ability. You can get access to your groups’ work at any time too. Teamwork provides you the tools and reports for which you have to utilise maximize sources. It never misses any update either. It gives you a bird’s eye view of every project. Also, it also aids in milestones regarding capacity planning, and time tracking. This online collaborative tool breaks the work of the group assignment into tasks and layers. Through this app, everyone knows what to do, and when to do it. It provides a 30 days’ free trial as well. Teamwork in general is a good tool that can help in group assignments.

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