Subconsciousness 1

How Can Subconsciousness Affect Decision-Making Ability?

Introduction The decision making skill of a person depends on the state of mind. The state of mind is of three types, consciousness, subconsciousness and unconsciousness. The way a person decides to do something is a dependent variable. In other words, before taking a decision, a person thinks about previous experiences. Bad past experiences have…

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WordPress Productivity 2

8 Best Firefox Extensions for WordPress Productivity

After developing the WordPress websites, you may have to use this CMS daily. The developers are inefficiently handling this CMS. As a result, they have to spend enough time handling this CMS. This thing can create lots of problems to streamline the workflow across multiple platforms. If they want to streamline the workflow across multiple…

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How Businesses Can Improve

How Businesses Can Improve Productivity of Employees?

Employee productivity gauges the outputs of employees in some random business. This should either be possible quantitatively, by following expenses and time to compare that against the outcomes, or a business can move toward it in a broader, quantifiable way. The motivation behind any organization is to be effective, and employee productivity can represent the…

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How to Increase Productive Work

How to Increase Productive Work in Summer Season?

Productivity is the dire need of every task. Throughout the year every individual tries his/her best to become productive with his/her studies or work. But a break like a summer season reduces your productivity. Students have a summer break of almost 15 weeks and at the same time employees also take their annual leave during…

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